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Delta Air Lines serves up to 160 million customers each year. With its great global network, Delta and its partner airlines offer service to almost 400 destinations in around 70 countries on the six continents. They  take care for their customers and they want to give them the best services, that is why they developed this great tool: Delta Extranet App.

Here are all the items you need to know before downloading it. First you should know its specific functions: the Delta Extranet App is free to download and also free to use inflight.

It turns your smartphone into a useful tool which goes with you everywhere. For example, with Delta Extranet App you can check gate information and alerts about the latest flight. You can also check in, pay for exceeding bags and get your eBoarding pass in a quick, easy way. With some days in advance, through your Delta Extranet App you can view your seat and if it is necessary, change it in a second. Another task it allows is to check your status on the Standby and Upgrade lists. If you need to reebok missed or cancelled flights, you can also make it possible with Delta Extranet App. Even during your flight, or when you are on land, you can track your checked bag as if it were a package. The Delta Extranet App also allows exploring aircraft details and look for expanded airport information like transit details, weather, airport maps and Delta Sky Club locations. You can also see your SkyMiles balance and current Medallion status, or save a photo and make note of your parking spot.

Are you impressed? Delta Extranet App has a lot of functions and features, for free!

This application is hardly recommended to frequent passengers who need to know precise and fresh information.  It is developed in different supports, so you can download it for iPhone, for Windows Phone, for Android and of course, for Blackberry.

To install Delta Extranet App for iPhone, the requirements are: iOS 4.0 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

If you need to install It in Windows Phone, it needs Windows Phone 7.5 OS or higher. The Delta Extranet App will use location services, phone identity, data services, push notification service, and the camera.

To use it i9n Android Smartphones, you will need a 2.1 OS or superior. The current version of Delta Extranet App is 1.7.

Finally, for Blackberry you will need a  5.0.0 or higher Smartphone. The latest version is 1.5.2.

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