Delta Extranet-Information Gathered and How it is Used

Delta Extranet is geared towards ensuring that your personal information is protected and as such, offers valuable information about how data collected is used. The internet has several benefits and while this is the case, it is important to ensure that your security is guaranteed at all times. In order to give you peace of mind the following are some of the things Delta Extranet has taken into consideration.

Information Gathered and it’s Use
Whenever you visit the Delta Extranet website, information is collected. This includes your visits, browser type, operating system and the pages accessed on their web. This information is then used for the purpose of optimizing on the kind of experience you receive whenever you visit the site. In addition to this, the website also receives information about the site you originated from.

Once you send an email using a link, Delta Extranet also retains the contents of the e-mail, your address and the type of response received from them. This is important for the simple reason it makes it easy for the website to follow up on any follow up questions that arise. More importantly, this information is used to analyze how they respond to your questions and consequently, this goes a long way to ensure you get quality service at all times. Other information that might be retained for the purpose of bettering the services you receive include your mailing address, name, e-mail and any issue raised or resolved.

Sharing Information
One of the major concerns people have when using the internet is to whom their personal information is divulged and this is not an issue you need to fret about. This is attributed to the fact that Delta Extranet does not in any way, sell your personal information or name to a third party. This is something that is not subject to change even in the near future. While this is the case, there are instances when certain information is shared with third parties for the purpose of accessing information that is in turn used by Delta Extranet. Note that when this is done, then the third party must first of all, agree to comply with the privacy polices set by Delta Extranet.

Use of Cookies and other Similar Technologies
The use of cookies and other technologies is for the purpose of ensuring that your experience on the site is improved. This usage is important for the simple reason it makes it easy to recognize any information that is of benefit to you and in turn, this is used to enhance all your interactions with Delta Extranet. There are instances when you might choose to refuse cookies but this is not advisable simply because this could have a negative impact on you. The site is known to offer valuable information about cookies usage and any questions you have are effectively answered.

It is important to note that Delta Extranet only sends emails and information that is related to Delta and as such, you don’t have to worry about receiving numerous promotional e-mails.

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